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Lead-Free chemical component

About a Lead / Bismuth / Silicon / Tin


Lead is contained in copper alloys used for water pipes and plumbing components.
Lead leaches into a drinking water as lead ion from plumbing components.
As the consequence of the intake of drinking water with lead ion for a long term, lead poisoning may be caused.

[Bismuth/ Silicon/ Tin]

On the other hand, bismuth, silicon and tin are not restricted. No information warning the risk of drinking water including these elements is published.

In recent years, in order to reduce the amount of lead leachate from water-related parts, lead content regulations have been becoming progressively more strict.
In the United States, the president has officially signed the bill for the application of the new standard NSF61 AnnexG in January 2011.
This determined that the lead content regulation about water-related products will be strict more, and it will be enforced on January 1 2014.
The regulation that is quite strict compared with before will be revised.
The regulatory limits of lead content for plumbing component such as pipes, fittings will become "0.25% Max lead content weighted average of the products."
"NEXT BRASS" has been developed as a copper alloy to satisfy this regulation. In addition, this alloy satisfies the RoHS and the REACH.

C49355 for hot working

  Cu Sn Pb Zn Si Bi Fe Mn
Min./Max. 63.0
≤0.09 28.0
≤0.10 ≤0.10

C89720 for casting

  Cu Sn Pb Zn Al Si Bi Sb B[ppm]
Min./Max. Rem 0.6
≤0.09 26.0