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Recycling efficiency

Recycling efficiency

Now lead free copper alloy is mainly classified into bismuth copper alloys family and silicon copper alloys family.
We focused on followings for a new alloy development on the ground of material supplier.

1),Both of scraps can be used for cost reduction.
2),Both each other characteristics are held.

Upon our continuous study and experiment for five years, we have finally succeeded in the development of a new lead free copper alloy that fused with bismuth copper alloy and silicon copper alloy.
This alloy is registered into ASTM.
( UNS No.C49355,C89720 )

So,This alloy can be manufactured by using both scraps which content bismuth / silicon.
By allowing addition of both elements (bismuth , silicon), we expect that the problems of production will be reduced.
And, we are also believing that this alloy contributes to the promotion of copper alloy's recycling.

Ingredients table, click here.